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All products can be booked as a modular system, whether with a flat rate or at a “pay as you go” per minute price. Test all products completely free of charge and without obligation. You only top up your credit when you are really satisfied.

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We have been working on this concept for years and are constantly developing it further. All services are available worldwide and are constantly being expanded.

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Whether you are a private person who just wants to make cheap calls abroad once, or if you are a company with many employees. Or you just want to use our online mail delivery service. Everything is possible in one package. No monthly or hidden costs.


Referring a friend pays off twice with us! You get from everyone Your referred friends receive a 10% commission on their own credit (not payable for private individuals). Register now and save or earn money!



Cloud PBX is a telephone system in our German data center. This offers all modern functions, free of charge. This system is particularly suitable for small to medium-sized companies such as medical practices, lawyers, Dentists, craftsmen but also for companies that e.g. want to connect multiple locations with each other.
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SIP trunk is suitable for consumers and entrepreneurs. You already have a telephone system, but you need one additional trunks? Or do you just want to make cheap calls using an app while on the go and have a landline number on your cell phone? This product is available both as a prepaid with per-minute prices and as a flat rate
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Call2call is our callback product. This product is particularly suitable if you are traveling abroad, for example and can be reached on any telephone (e.g. in a hotel or a temporary cell phone number abroad). The service calls you and after you accept the call you are connected to the second desired participant.
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Letter online is the easy way to send a letter. simply send it as a PDF to our email address. We take care of the printing, folding, bagging, franking and all at an unbeatable price. As a rule, the letters that you submit as PDFs by email are in the recipient's mailbox the next day.
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SMS Do you want to send SMS in bulk? or e.g. for 2 factor or something similar. You can e.g. via the API. have SMS sent automatically, or you can use our web frontend to send a mass SMS.
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API provides a rich interface for programmers. With the API you can, among other things Set up calls using the callback procedure, send SMS, check your credit, top up your credit, order new phone numbers and much more.
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How it works?

Here you will find the most important product descriptions! The basic registration does not involve any ongoing costs and is suitable for private customers and for testing. You can switch to another package at any time. Please also read our FAQs The Cloud PBX or flat rate product is associated with monthly costs.

Type Description
API interface
SIP trunk: trunk lines for outgoing calls (100 pieces included free of charge)
Letter: Letter sent via email, web or API
SMS: SMS sending via web or API
MOH: (Music on Hold) - Free download of hold music and announcements for e.g. Answering machine
DID: are phone numbers from the German landline network. These can be booked additionally for a fee. But they are not necessary for making cheap calls
DID int: are phone numbers from the worldwide landline network. These can be booked additionally for a fee. But they are not necessary for making cheap calls
PBX: - Cloud telephone system
FLAT_1 - DE flat rate for Germany landline and mobile communications. This can be booked for an additional fee per trunk line
FLAT_2 - EU flat rate for Europe's landline and mobile communications. This can be booked for an additional fee per trunk line

Prices ?

Here you will find an overview of the most important prices for your country!

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